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We Ask You To Respect A Few Rules

This is our family's vacation home, and we love to share it with others.  Please help us continue to be able to do so by following a few rules:

  1. No pets.  Some of us have allergies. 

  2. No smoking or drug use on premises.  Please take such activities entirely off property. 

  3. Leave the place in as good shape as you found it.  We want to provide a wonderful experience for everyone and we trust our guests will enjoy their stay best if we can provide nice things and expect them to not walk off.  This includes proper septic tank use.

  4. Be safe and have fun.  Enjoy the park responsibly and be safe if you climb.

  5. No RVs on the property.

  6. Hot Tub Rules:

  • Please shower immediately before entering the hot tub.​

  • Sunscreen/dirt residue clogs the filters and ruins the hot tub experience for future guests.

  • Help us keep the hot tub an amazing experience for everyone.  It is expensive to drain and clean the hot tub, and we reserve the right to pass on this cost if you don't follow these rules.

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